Dear Denver: You Did Me Well


I recently talked about my new found love for hiking. I know, it’s just extended walking–usually at an incline– however, its a great workout and brings peace of mind. I’ve always loved nature and outdoors. I collected rocks for crying out loud! In fact, growing up, I’d always rush outside every chance I got. I made it an effort to finish my homework in class so that I wouldn’t have to do it when I got home.

As I make my way to reconnecting with the earth and outdoors, I’m increasing my time spent in nature. While #adulting I find myself forgetting to just breathe in the air outside and to relax in the grass. If I’m being honest, a rotating schedule of being busy with work, exercising, and dreams is cool… but many times I feel more successful on a day where I’ve done the least.

Like, had coffee and walked barefoot in the grass (aka #earthing). That’s all, that’s it!

Embarrassingly enough, many times I have to plan my R&R time because I think that I always have to be “busy”. So if I can visually see in my planner that I’ve told myself to chill, I chill. That’s why I enjoy traveling. Weekend trips are nice getaways from everyday life. Each year I plan at least three trips, one to a new city for personal exploration and the others to visit family/friends.

As you know, my birthday was earlier this month. And, I’m technically a little late celebrating. Wait, who am I kidding? I celebrate all month long, but my only wish was to go to Denver and hike a mountain.

And so I did.

While in Denver I also caught up with a good friend,  ate some yummy vegan food from Snooze Eatery and City O’ City, and toured the Denver Art Museum.

Actually, I ate at City O’ City two nights in a row it was so good! If you’re ever in Denver, you have to try the Cauliflower Chicken & Waffles from City O’ City and the vegan breakfast tacos from Snooze!

True, I’m no longer #QuarterCenturyLiving but I’m still taking the opportunity to seize each moment I have. Like I said, my 25th lap around the sun is probably the most telling year regarding self awareness, general wellbeing, and how I measure success.

So, cheers to the other side of 25. For me, this trip symbolizes a great appreciation for me and my happiness.

Currently, I’m on the road to Broadway (that lovely place in the big apple…heard of it?) and settling into my plan of action for the future has been scary and hasn’t been all sunflower fields and green juice. I’ve started to sacrifice a lot, as anyone who follows dreams would.

This is why my self care is important. I’m working to build a solid foundation for it as a working artist. Knowing that I’m in a competitive field that sometimes is based off of the likelihood of vanity, I want to create a sense of stability and security for myself while exploring my art and career.

So even if traveling isn’t always an option, I make it an effort to only do what I want. Life’s better that way.

So, the moral of the story is– do what makes you happy. Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things that you forget YOU.



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