What I Learned While Brunchin’ With Jas’

I loooveeeeeee free things! Free coffee, free meals, free concert tickets–you name it! So when Jasmine Diane announced one last giveaway to Brunchin’ with Jas I instantly became geeked.

So, why did I desire to attend the fall Brunchin with Jas? Isn’t it obvious? I saw this brunch as an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. I had spent a little time reading testimonies of past attendees and seeing photos of the brunches online which is why I told myself I had to experience it firsthand.

I thought that actually being there would help me connect with new people. To be quite honest, networking is a challenge sometimes because breaking the ice is kinda awkward for me. Still, I knew attending Brunchin’ with Jas would provide a sense of security that myself and others can benefit from.

And, I was right. The fall brunch was nothing shy of enjoyable. Collectively the attendees and panelists were friendly, adorably stylish, and super encouraging. I literally was welcomed with many smiles upon entering the room.

My top 5 takeaways from the brunch:

  • Networking is as easy as “hi, my name is _______”: There’s really not much more to it. If you’re an ambivert like me, you’ll often find yourself floating both ambitiously and awkwardly on the spectrum during social settings. So you’ve gotta be prepared going into events like these. I made it my goal to network with other writers there. This means I intentionally observed the room and did a little ear hustling to see who I needed to connect with, and did just that.
  • Confidence takes practice: it takes work to build yourself esteem up to a point where you can walk confidently in your path. It’s important to keep reminders on-hand, like self-written affirmations or anecdotes, from friends and family on your phone to have them handy in a time of need.
  • Your peers are called peers for a reason: don’t be afraid to learn and grow from your peers. This includes asking questions, supporting them, and understanding who and what your brand stands for, so that you can surround yourself with the proper people.
  • Strangers can help you refocus: of the 70ish brunch participants, I knew maybe 10% of them prior to today and still I left with my vision a bit clearer than before. I used the BINGO game to learn about who I was in the room with.
  • Anything is possible: with a solid plan, dedicated believers eventually become successful achievers.

All in all, I had a great time and strongly advise you to attend the next one.

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