3 Things Not to Do Around Me:That’s Law

The other day while chilling at home, I noticed Marcus walk into the living room with a cup of tea in hand. As normal tea drinkers I didn’t think that this was abnormal, but I was a little curious of his cup selection. He had chosen the cup pictured that reads “live well, laugh often, love much“.

See, I have porcelain white dish-ware, which includes four uniformed mugs. He normally uses one of these mugs, and that’s why I was confused to why he used MY cup. And before you try to judge me and say I’m tripping, you know you probably have that special cup you don’t want other people to use. I’m not alone in this, don’t try me.

I tried telling him the ” special cup law” and he just laughed. I even called on my aunt so she could get him up-to speed on the “special cup law”.

This incident inspired me to write a post about the top 3 thing not to do around me.

3 Things Not to Do Around Me: That’s Law

Don’t use  my special cup . How do you know it’s “special”? Well, if there isn’t a duplicate in the cabinet like it….its definitely a special cup. If it has an initial on there, it’s a special color or has glitter, it is larger than others, has a quote, etc. IT’S A SPECIAL CUP!!!

Don’t ask for my last 3 bites of food. Especially if I offered you some before I made it to the last few bites. I learned as a kid that you never ask for a persons last few bites because that’s when the food tastes best! And maybe they’ve given you some once when you broke the rule, but that doesn’t mean that you repeat the mistake.

Don’t put your hand in my chip bag. Don’t….just don’t. I think I may have a problem with this because most people lick their fingers while eating chips, and quite frankly, I don’t want them germs!

We all have pet peeves that may seem weird to others,

but I am curious to learn of yours.

Tell me the top 3 things that really grind your gears.

I promise not to judge 🙂




4 Replies to “3 Things Not to Do Around Me:That’s Law”

    1. I know right!? Lol. Whenever someone asks for some of my chips I’m like “yes, sure, but first…open your hands” and pour it for them.


  1. Definitely agree with the special cup rule!! Touching my hair is also a pet peeve of mine… like it seriously irks my soul when people put their nasty hands in my hair… eewww. My third one is when people spell my name wrong or pronounce it wrong… like it’s seriously the MOST basic spelling of it and it’s one of the most common names ever… I just don’t understand… lol 😂

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