Welcome: Everything I Wanted To Say

You’re probably here to find out what Everything I Wanted to Say is about. The answer is that it’s a lifestyle blog. Yes, I know, seems like everyone is starting one these days and while it may seem highly saturated, I still decided I needed my own.

Even though this is my first blog of this nature, I’m not new to blogging! I actually started a food blog, Save a Cow Eat a Carrot several years ago. I’ll be honest, I haven’t updated it in over a year. As someone who only enjoys cooking around the holidays, I’m not really certain why I decided to have my first blog be a food one! Aside from Save a Cow Eat a Carrot I have been  contributing editor and writer for Khorage Magazine.

And while both of these blogging endeavors are enjoyable, I’ve been wanting to blog on more personal subjects. Ones that I’ve either written in my journal about, or kept in my head.

There’s a lot I want to share. Here you’ll find my thoughts, read my experiences, mistakes and memories. You’ll learn my moments of unapologetic behavior. You’ll learn what I’ve been too scared to admit, even to the ones closest to me.

A poet, whose name has left me at the moment, once said “as an artist, it is my duty to be transparent with you”. And this blog, Everything I Wanted to Say, is my form of transparency.

So, welcome to my head space.

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