A Poem: Music x Poetry

April is #NationalPoetryMonth. I’ve enjoyed seeing fellow writers on my feed sharing their new, and even old work. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of poetry. It wasn’t until I gave it a try I grew as a person. Poetry helped me realize less is more. I mean, it wows me when I can  read meaningful haikus or four-lined free-verses that take me there. I’m also a hopeless romantic– so I can, and will, read and write a thousand I love you haiku’s.

It’s no secret my art’s a medium I use to heal and connect with others.  I love the freedom of expression and poetic license to do as I feel. I’m definitely a walking cliché when it comes to this thing. Take me to an open mic and cue the finger snaps.

For me, poetry doesn’t always have to be over illustrated, complex lexicon. I appreciate the minimal nature of words, pauses, and rhythm.

As my ode to the 30-day celebration, I challenged myself to complete a 30-poem collection. Can’t wait to share it in full with you! Until then,  enjoy  Music x Poetry. 

Rhythm connected us.


Mine and yours.


Movement in bars and prose,

We lived enclosed.


Shaping and 


Attempting to 

redefine lust.

The two of us,

lost in crafts.

Lost in love.


Lost, then found.

We operated


And still–

Your music was my poetry.

And still–

My poetry our love’s fallacy.


The rhythm connected us.


Mine and yours.



Stories stroking eardrums,

Simulating subdued

sound waves.

I tried to get my heart back 

but it was too late.


Feel that shit

And then,

Feel it some more.

Rhythm connected us.


Mine and yours.

The beat.


The beat is what broke us.

Maybe next time I’ll listen

when they say never

 fall for a musician.


As always, thanks for reading what I had to say this month!

Bonus poem: Check out this visual to Letter’s to Sue  from #EverythingIWantedtoSay .

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